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English Language And PhD

There is always a chance that you will be writing your doctoral work not in your mother language. Another fact is that, used by you language most probably will be english. And even if you are not located in english speaking country, there is alway a huge probability that you ...

Online Materials on In-Memory Computing

Power To RAM

Unfortunately, there is not much materials in form of text books available that are explicitly dedicated to explain in-memory computing and in-memory database in details. That's why for a moment most valuable and usable sources of information in this domain are mainly blog articles, online courses, source code documentation ...

Hadoop Streaming and XML with Python

Hadoop Streaming and XML with Python

The general idea behind current post is to show how parsing of single XML file with Python script could be implemented with Hadoop Streaming.

Trying Hadoop Streaming on Hortonworks Virtual Machine (VM) image (HDP version is 2.3.1). For streaming XML use following Hadoop Tutorial 2.1 -- Streaming XML ...

How to Motivate People in Creating, Maintaining Datasets


Data and software tools were always "game drivers" in academia and industry. For nowadays, it's almost priceless trend for the onces who are trying to be on the "edge" that most communities are open sourcing their results. And the other amazing part about open sourcing results is that datasets ...

Publications Bibliography Based on BibTeX


It's often not a trivial task to manage bibliographies of your own publications. Especially, it's getting harder with time as long as more services and tools appearance on the horizon. And very often there is no chance for research communities to ignore some of them because they are ...

Own Collection of Resources Related to Data Science and Buzz Around

Own Collection of Resources Related to Data Science and Buzz Around

I'm subscribed to the following newsletters and I'm trying to dedicate 1-2 hours of my time weekly in order to get at once through all newsletters I receive regularly.

  • Data Elixir
    • Data Elixir is a weekly collection of the best data science news, resources, and inspirations from around ...

False Positive in Real Life - Wordpress Just Blocked My Personal Blog

Hurra! I have one platform less to maintain!

Very short story - for no reason blocked my personal blog, which they were hosting for free.

It's nice that since long I moved everything to the repository and started to support my personal blog mainly in markdown ...

How to export MS Power Point Slides to a PDF file and keep Animations

From Animated PPT to Animated PDF

From time to time I need to present some content in-front of the audience, of course in form of the presentation with some slides helping me. Despite I'm not a huge fan of animations, they can be really helpful in delivering the ideas during a talk. Especially, animations within ...

How to Write a Team Publication in LaTeX and Dont Get Mad

Don't get mad, get motivated and use LaTeX

Publishing is not a sprint to the finish line.
There is no finish line.
You just keep on running.
via @GradElitism

A really huge amount of people around the glob use LaTeX as a primary software tool (or you can say "package") for writing, formating or just maintaining their own ...

Hosting Your Generated from Markdown by Python Static Blog in the SAP HANA Cloud's Git Repository


Current blog post is going to describe how to use mix from various technologies in order to establish a static HTML blog that is auto-generated from the markdown files by means of the Python's package Pelican and finally hosted in the SAP HANA Cloud's git repository.

The ...

List of Python Books to Bring Your Python Skills One Level Up

I have an programming experience in various of languages, mainly from the mainstream category like C++, Java, C#, JavaScript, etc. . Despite having a really big variety of programming languages, sometimes you want to stick to particular one. For me it’s currently the Python.

After I spent some time writing ...

Проверка правописания русского языка в Notepad++

Для многих разработчиков по Windows (и не только) текстовый редактор Notepad++ стал неотъемлемой частью их ежедневного рабочего процесса.

В недалеком (или уже далеком) примерно 2012-ом году в Notepad++ появилась встроенная проверка орфографии и написания, но вот только английского языка, чем я успешно пользовался в последнее время. А сейчас же ситуация ...

Worth Checking Resources On Visualization

Collection of the resources about the generic visualization techniques, examples, tools that I personally like and found worth checking and seeing at least once.

Visualization techniques and best practices

Copy from Mac OS to the HDD with NTFS File System

Even in the 21th century it's very tricky accomplish simple tasks like copying files from the Mac OS to the HDD, in case drive disk formatted as NTFS. To overcome this issues without paying money, but investing a bit of your time, plenty of patience, some "searching with the ...

Articles for PhD Students

As time of your master degree pass by, or any other "after big study activity", people stars to think about the future. And one of the possible "future step" that they consider as an important and very prominent one is doing PhD.

This blog post offers collection of articles, which ...

Collection of Resource for Searching Scientific Publications


Collection of an online resources with other additional tricks for searching scientific/research publication.

Collection of Resource for Searching Scientific Publications

"One line" Tips for Remembering More

  1. Extra attention to difficult information [go-deeper] [focus-hard]
  2. Visualization improves memory and recall [mind-map] [hand-drawing]
  3. Teach new concepts to another [blog] [oral] [writing] [rephrasing]
  4. Practice learned materials a lot [implement-after-getting-very-deep]
  5. Use memorization techniques [chunking] [aggressive-visualization] [multiple-approach] [mnemonics]
  6. Force yourself to recall [recall] [no-fluency]
  7. Impress, associate, repeat
  8. Accept that remembering more it ...

How to Understand Yourself: Simplest Possible Guideline and Drawbacks of Other Methods

Today I got a question from my friend on the topic of analysis. And this kind of analysis is usually very interesting for anyone who at least once in his life tried to understand himself. This kind of an analysis usually called "self-analysis". "Self-analysis" means understanding your own behavior, the ...

Notes on Video “How to Write a Great Research Paper”

Short notes (or summary) taken while watching lecture How to Write a Great Research Paper given by Professor Simon Peyton Jones (Microsoft Research).

Primary, author giving 7 suggestions about writing a great research paper.

1. Don’t wait: write

Different models of writing research paper exists. One of the most ...

There Are No Good Days To Start New Business, Pick Randomly

Very nice Friday Evening!

It’s never the right day to start something new. In this sense, any kind of business can be started at any time. As the result, derived from the to previous trow claims, today is a good day to start with new series of article in ...

Мысли о привычках

Когда находишься на разных «совещаниях» порой в голову приходят очень странные мысли. Вот к примеру она из подобных.

Откуда привычка говорить красиво и долго, но с малым и довольно очевидным смыслом на собраниях? Это видимо какой-то человеческий рефлекс, особенно свойственный академическо-университетской среде. С одной стороны это оправдано — поразить красноречением и ...

CeBIT 2013

Буквально вчера побывал на выставке CeBIT 2013 проходящей в данный момент в Ганновере, Германия.

Что такое CeBIT?

CeBIT (от нем. Centrum für Büroautomation, Informationstechnologie und Telekommunikation — центр офисных и информационных технологий) — крупнейшая в мире международная выставка, посвящённая информационным и телекоммуникационным технологиям wikipedia.


Сайт выставки - http://www ...

IITU Sorting Algorithms

Две недели назад(в начале декабря 2011-го года) я с ещё одним из преподавателей университета дал творческое задание нашим студентам первого курса по предмету алгоритмизация (в простонародье "C++", "плюсы" и т.д.). Задание заключалось в том, чтобы станцевать национальный танец под казахскую национальную музыку таким образом,чтобы получился один из ...

Лекция от создателя STL А. Степанов

Лекция А. Степанов в Яндексе – автор STL, экс-президент AT&T, экс-президент HP/Compaq, ведущий ученый в Adobe рассказывает популярно, о истории алгоритма нахождения наибольшего общего делителя.

Основные прозвучавшие идеи (не об алгоритме, а о текущем состоянии науки):

  1. Computer Scientists должны знать математику и это ошибочно от нее уходить. Информатика тесно ...

Онлайн ресурсы и

Два онлайн ресурса для интерактивного обучения таким языкам программирования как Java,Python и JavaScript.Гуру озвученных языков можно даже не смотреть, разве только для того чтобы потом посоветовать менее просвещенным товарищам.

Но все же лучше один раз попробовать самому, чем сто раз услышать от кого-либо: